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Weirs Collision Center Green Dealer Recognition

Weirs Collision Center Green Dealer Recognition Arundel Maine Body Shop

"ARUNDEL — Weirs Motor Sales has been recognized as a GM Green Dealer through the General Motors Green Dealer program.“It feels good to finally be recognized for it. My father has been environmentally conscious forever,” said Linda Zuke, controller, of her father, Ben Madore, who started the business more than 40 years ago.“Through your dedication in driving eco-friendly initiatives, your team has earned recognition that very few automotive dealers have achieved. We are proud of your accomplishment and your efforts to reduce your impact on our environment, increase employee enthusiasm for green activities, and engage with local organizations and schools to make a positive impact on your community,” the company said in its recognition of the Arundel dealership. “Your green efforts set you apart from your competitors and show your dedication to energy reduction, renewable energy, water conservation, waste-to-landfill reduction and community outreach. These practices align with GM’s companywide mission to reduce its environmental footprint, and you are part of a group of more than 450 GM dealerships nationwide that are committed to sustainable practices.”Zuke said while the recognition is something they are proud of, it recognizes efforts and business practices that Weirs has been incorporating all along.When the dealership’s new building was completed two years ago — featuring energy-efficient lighting, heating, and much more — it made Weirs’ green efforts that much more prominent.Zuke said Weirs has also been involved with the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust for many years, and she plans to get involved with the KCT’s education program soon.Weirs is one of only five dealerships recognized as a GM Green Dealer in Maine, and one of only two in York County.As part of the GM Green Dealer program, a dealership needs to implement green activities across a wide range of environmental and sustainable criteria.Dealers need to complete a self-assessment to determine if they are eligible for recognition. They have to look at their dealership across categories including: energy reduction; heating/ventilation/air conditioning; water and sewer; waste management; recycling, nature habitat; workplace; management practices; and community outreach.Dealers can receive recognition each year for their continued efforts."

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